About us

GLOBAL SPC is a professional services company, providing its customers with full legal and business consult of premium quality. Since its establishment in 2001 the company’s aim has been to achieve international high standards of service quality. The company is providing not only legal, business consulting, research and analysis services, but also consultancy in the fields of development economics, macroeconomics, fiscal and social policies and public sector management, finance and banking, business and investment environment, marketing, as well as establishing business connections in Armenia and abroad.

GLOBAL SPC is providing guidance and consultancy to governmental agencies and international organizations, non-governmental and charity organizations, as well as private business companies and individuals keeping in mind the primary principle of maximum satisfying customer’s requirements. We take pride in cooperating with Diaspora and providing them our services in Armenian as well as in foreign languages.

Our Firm is the trusted advisor that contributes most to the success of its people and clients by creating value and confidence.

Our Philosophy
is that the world of business belongs to companies keen to compete, quick to adapt, eager to listen and learn and resolved to continually challenge by themselves. We measure ourselves by the same standards.

Our Mission
is to provide high quality, cost-effective and results-oriented practical and innovative solutions.

Our office
is staffed by local and international professionals who possess an exceptional blend of skills, experience, and innovating thinking. Our consultants possess both national and international educational background, along with foreign language skills.

Our commitment
extends beyond meeting legal and business needs to anticipating developments, identifying opportunities and offering best solutions to help achieve a client's success.

Our customers
expect and deserve nothing less. We know how our client “thinks” and we understand our client’s goals. We are sure our goals are same - to build continuous, long term and beneficial relationships with our clients.

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